Getting started

ASP.NET Core & .NET Core users, see steps here. The easiest way to get started in just two steps:
  1. Install the NLog.Config package with NuGet.
    PM> Install-Package NLog.Config
  2. and go to the quick start tutorial.

Manual download

NLog is available as source code and NuGet packages.


Binary packages are available via NuGet

View on NuGet

GitHub releases

Source code is available as zip on GitHub

Download sourcecode as Zip

Source code

Source code is available at GitHub

View source code

Need more?

NLog has also extensions for more targets and layout renderers. Which package do you need? Check the target list and the layout renderers list on the NLog wiki.

The following packages are available
  • NLog.Web - package contains targets and layout-renderes specific to ASP.NET 4 and IIS.
  • NLog.Web.AspNetCore - package contains targets and layout-renderes specific to ASP.NET Core and IIS.
  • NLog.Extensions.Logging - .NET Core support
  • NLog.Windows.Forms - package contains targets specific for Windows.Forms
  • NLog.Extended - MSMQ target, AppSetting layout renderer
  • NLog.Config - NLog Configuration example/starter - not supported in .NET Core
  • NLog.Schema - XSD Schema for the NLog config xml - for, among other, Intellisense in Visual Studio - not supported in .NET Core

Older downloads

Older releases can be downloaded from CodePlex. Installer and zip packages are available.

Support & examples

Tutorials, examples and references can be found on the GitHub wiki

Support (questions, bug reports, feature request) for NLog is available via the GitHub issue list.

Experimental features can be submitted to the NLog Contrib repository, those could be included in the core at a later time.