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LogEventInfo Properties

The LogEventInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContext Obsolete.
Gets the dictionary of per-event context properties.
Public propertyException
Gets or sets the exception information.
Public propertyFormatProvider
Gets or sets the format provider that was provided while logging or when no formatProvider was specified.
Public propertyFormattedMessage
Gets the formatted message.
Public propertyHasStackTrace
Gets a value indicating whether stack trace has been set for this event.
Public propertyLevel
Gets or sets the level of the logging event.
Public propertyLoggerName
Gets or sets the logger name.
Public propertyLoggerShortName Obsolete.
Gets the logger short name.
Public propertyMessage
Gets or sets the log message including any parameter placeholders.
Public propertyParameters
Gets or sets the parameter values or null if no parameters have been specified.
Public propertyProperties
Gets the dictionary of per-event context properties.
Public propertySequenceID
Gets the unique identifier of log event which is automatically generated and monotonously increasing.
Public propertyStackTrace
Gets the entire stack trace.
Public propertyTimeStamp
Gets or sets the timestamp of the logging event.
Public propertyUserStackFrame
Gets the stack frame of the method that did the logging.
Public propertyUserStackFrameNumber
Gets the number index of the stack frame that represents the user code (not the NLog code).
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