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CsvLayout Properties

The CsvLayout type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColumns
Gets the array of parameters to be passed.
Public propertyCustomColumnDelimiter
Gets or sets the custom column delimiter value (valid when ColumnDelimiter is set to 'Custom').
Public propertyDelimiter
Gets or sets the column delimiter.
Public propertyFooter
Gets or sets the footer layout.
(Inherited from LayoutWithHeaderAndFooter.)
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets the header layout.
(Inherited from LayoutWithHeaderAndFooter.)
Public propertyLayout
Gets or sets the body layout (can be repeated multiple times).
(Inherited from LayoutWithHeaderAndFooter.)
Protected propertyLoggingConfiguration
Gets the logging configuration this target is part of.
(Inherited from Layout.)
Public propertyQuoteChar
Gets or sets the quote Character.
Public propertyQuoting
Gets or sets the quoting mode.
Public propertyWithHeader
Gets or sets a value indicating whether CVS should include header.
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