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XmlLoggingConfiguration Properties

The XmlLoggingConfiguration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllTargets
Gets all targets.
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
Public propertyStatic memberAppConfig
Gets the default LoggingConfiguration object by parsing the application configuration file (app.exe.config).
Public propertyAutoReload
Gets or sets a value indicating whether all of the configuration files should be watched for changes and reloaded automatically when changed.
Public propertyConfiguredNamedTargets
Gets a collection of named targets specified in the configuration.
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
Public propertyDefaultCultureInfo
Gets or sets the default culture info to use as FormatProvider.
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
Public propertyExceptionLoggingOldStyle Obsolete.
Use the old exception log handling of NLog 3.0?
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
Public propertyFileNamesToWatch
Gets the collection of file names which should be watched for changes by NLog. This is the list of configuration files processed. If the autoReload attribute is not set it returns empty collection.
(Overrides LoggingConfigurationFileNamesToWatch.)
Public propertyInitializeSucceeded
Did the Initialize(XmlReader, String, Boolean) Succeeded? true= success, false= error, null = initialize not started yet.
Public propertyLoggingRules
Gets the collection of logging rules.
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
Public propertyVariables
Gets the variables defined in the configuration.
(Inherited from LoggingConfiguration.)
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