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NLog.Targets.Wrappers Namespace
Targets which wraps other targets
Public classCode exampleAsyncTargetWrapper
Provides asynchronous, buffered execution of target writes.
Public classCode exampleAutoFlushTargetWrapper
Causes a flush after each write on a wrapped target.
Public classBufferingTargetWrapper
A target that buffers log events and sends them in batches to the wrapped target.
Public classCompoundTargetBase
A base class for targets which wrap other (multiple) targets and provide various forms of target routing.
Public classCode exampleFallbackGroupTarget
Provides fallback-on-error.
Public classFilteringRule
Filtering rule for PostFilteringTargetWrapper.
Public classCode exampleFilteringTargetWrapper
Filters log entries based on a condition.
Public classImpersonatingTargetWrapper
Impersonates another user for the duration of the write.
Public classCode examplePostFilteringTargetWrapper
Filters buffered log entries based on a set of conditions that are evaluated on a group of events.
Public classCode exampleRandomizeGroupTarget
Sends log messages to a randomly selected target.
Public classCode exampleRepeatingTargetWrapper
Repeats each log event the specified number of times.
Public classCode exampleRetryingTargetWrapper
Retries in case of write error.
Public classCode exampleRoundRobinGroupTarget
Distributes log events to targets in a round-robin fashion.
Public classCode exampleSplitGroupTarget
Writes log events to all targets.
Public classWrapperTargetBase
Base class for targets wrap other (single) targets.
Public enumerationAsyncTargetWrapperOverflowAction
The action to be taken when the queue overflows.
Public enumerationLogOnProviderType
Logon provider.
Public enumerationSecurityImpersonationLevel
Impersonation level.
Public enumerationSecurityLogOnType
Logon type.