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NLog.Targets Namespace
Non-wrapper targets
Public classAspResponseTarget
Outputs log messages through the ASP Response object.
Public classCode exampleChainsawTarget
Sends log messages to the remote instance of Chainsaw application from log4j.
Public classColoredConsoleTarget
Writes log messages to the console with customizable coloring.
Public classConsoleRowHighlightingRule
The row-highlighting condition.
Public classCode exampleConsoleTarget
Writes log messages to the console.
Public classConsoleWordHighlightingRule
Highlighting rule for Win32 colorful console.
Public classDatabaseCommandInfo
Information about database command + parameters.
Public classDatabaseParameterInfo
Represents a parameter to a Database target.
Public classCode exampleDatabaseTarget
Writes log messages to the database using an ADO.NET provider.
Public classCode exampleDebuggerTarget
Writes log messages to the attached managed debugger.
Public classCode exampleDebugTarget
Mock target - useful for testing.
Public classCode exampleEventLogTarget
Writes log message to the Event Log.
Public classFileTarget
Writes log messages to one or more files.
Public classLineEndingMode
Line ending mode.
Public classLineEndingModeLineEndingModeConverter
Provides a type converter to convert LineEndingMode objects to and from other representations.
Public classLogReceiverWebServiceTarget
Sends log messages to a NLog Receiver Service (using WCF or Web Services).
Public classCode exampleMailTarget
Sends log messages by email using SMTP protocol.
Public classCode exampleMemoryTarget
Writes log messages to an ArrayList in memory for programmatic retrieval.
Public classCode exampleMessageQueueTarget
Writes log message to the specified message queue handled by MSMQ.
Public classMethodCallParameter
A parameter to MethodCall.
Public classCode exampleMethodCallTarget
Calls the specified static method on each log message and passes contextual parameters to it.
Public classMethodCallTargetBase
The base class for all targets which call methods (local or remote). Manages parameters and type coercion.
Public classCode exampleNetworkTarget
Sends log messages over the network.
Public classNLogViewerParameterInfo
Represents a parameter to a NLogViewer target.
Public classCode exampleNLogViewerTarget
Sends log messages to the remote instance of NLog Viewer.
Public classCode exampleNullTarget
Discards log messages. Used mainly for debugging and benchmarking.
Public classCode exampleOutputDebugStringTarget
Outputs log messages through the OutputDebugString() Win32 API.
Public classCode examplePerformanceCounterTarget
Increments specified performance counter on each write.
Public classTarget
Represents logging target.
Public classTargetAttribute
Marks class as a logging target and assigns a name to it.
Public classTargetWithLayout
Represents target that supports string formatting using layouts.
Public classTargetWithLayoutHeaderAndFooter
Represents target that supports string formatting using layouts.
Public classCode exampleTraceTarget
Sends log messages through System.Diagnostics.Trace.
Public classCode exampleWebServiceTarget
Calls the specified web service on each log message.
Public enumerationArchiveNumberingMode
Specifies the way archive numbering is performed.
Public enumerationConsoleOutputColor
Colored console output color.
Public enumerationEventLogTargetOverflowAction
Action that should be taken if the message is greater than the max message size allowed by the Event Log.
Public enumerationFileArchivePeriod
Modes of archiving files based on time.
Public enumerationNetworkTargetConnectionsOverflowAction
The action to be taken when there are more connections then the max.
Public enumerationNetworkTargetOverflowAction
Action that should be taken if the message overflows.
Public enumerationSmtpAuthenticationMode
SMTP authentication modes.
Public enumerationWebServiceProtocol
Web service protocol.
Public enumerationWin32FileAttributes
Win32 file attributes.