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NLog.Layouts Namespace
All layouts
Public classCsvColumn
A column in the CSV.
Public classCsvLayout
A specialized layout that renders CSV-formatted events.
Public classJsonAttribute
JSON attribute.
Public classJsonLayout
A specialized layout that renders JSON-formatted events.
Public classLayout
Abstract interface that layouts must implement.
Public classLayoutAttribute
Marks class as a layout renderer and assigns a format string to it.
Public classLayoutWithHeaderAndFooter
A specialized layout that supports header and footer.
Public classLog4JXmlEventLayout
A specialized layout that renders Log4j-compatible XML events.
Public classSimpleLayout
Represents a string with embedded placeholders that can render contextual information.
Public enumerationCsvColumnDelimiterMode
Specifies allowed column delimiters.
Public enumerationCsvQuotingMode
Specifies CSV quoting modes.