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NLog.LayoutRenderers Namespace
Non-wrapper layout renderers
Public classAllEventPropertiesLayoutRenderer
Log event context data.
Public classCode exampleAmbientPropertyAttribute
Designates a property of the class as an ambient property.
Public classAppDomainLayoutRenderer
Used to render the application domain name.
Public classAppSettingLayoutRenderer
Application setting.
Public classAspApplicationValueLayoutRenderer
ASP Application variable.
Public classAspRequestValueLayoutRenderer
ASP Request variable.
Public classAspSessionValueLayoutRenderer
ASP Session variable.
Public classAssemblyVersionLayoutRenderer
Assembly version.
Public classBaseDirLayoutRenderer
The current application domain's base directory.
Public classCallSiteLayoutRenderer
The call site (class name, method name and source information).
Public classCallSiteLineNumberLayoutRenderer
The call site source line number. Full callsite CallSiteLayoutRenderer
Public classCounterLayoutRenderer
A counter value (increases on each layout rendering).
Public classDateLayoutRenderer
Current date and time.
Public classEnvironmentLayoutRenderer
The environment variable.
Public classEventContextLayoutRenderer Obsolete.
Log event context data.
Public classEventPropertiesLayoutRenderer
Log event context data. See Properties.
Public classExceptionLayoutRenderer
Exception information provided through a call to one of the Logger.*Exception() methods.
Public classFileContentsLayoutRenderer
Renders contents of the specified file.
Public classGarbageCollectorInfoLayoutRenderer
The information about the garbage collector.
Public classGdcLayoutRenderer
Global Diagnostics Context item. Provided for compatibility with log4net.
Public classGuidLayoutRenderer
Globally-unique identifier (GUID).
Public classIdentityLayoutRenderer
Thread identity information (name and authentication information).
Public classInstallContextLayoutRenderer
Installation parameter (passed to InstallNLogConfig).
Public classLayoutRenderer
Render environmental information related to logging events.
Public classLayoutRendererAttribute
Marks class as a layout renderer and assigns a name to it.
Public classLevelLayoutRenderer
The log level.
Public classLiteralLayoutRenderer
A string literal.
Public classLog4JXmlEventLayoutRenderer
XML event description compatible with log4j, Chainsaw and NLogViewer.
Public classLoggerNameLayoutRenderer
The logger name.
Public classLongDateLayoutRenderer
The date and time in a long, sortable format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.mmm.
Public classMachineNameLayoutRenderer
The machine name that the process is running on.
Public classMdcLayoutRenderer
Mapped Diagnostic Context item. Provided for compatibility with log4net.
Public classMdlcLayoutRenderer
Mapped Diagnostic Logical Context item (based on CallContext).
Public classMessageLayoutRenderer
The formatted log message.
Public classNdcLayoutRenderer
Nested Diagnostic Context item. Provided for compatibility with log4net.
Public classNewLineLayoutRenderer
A newline literal.
Public classNLogDirLayoutRenderer
The directory where NLog.dll is located.
Public classPerformanceCounterLayoutRenderer
The performance counter.
Public classProcessIdLayoutRenderer
The identifier of the current process.
Public classProcessInfoLayoutRenderer
The information about the running process.
Public classProcessNameLayoutRenderer
The name of the current process.
Public classProcessTimeLayoutRenderer
The process time in format HH:mm:ss.mmm.
Public classQueryPerformanceCounterLayoutRenderer
High precision timer, based on the value returned from QueryPerformanceCounter() optionally converted to seconds.
Public classRegistryLayoutRenderer
A value from the Registry.
Public classShortDateLayoutRenderer
The short date in a sortable format yyyy-MM-dd.
Public classSpecialFolderLayoutRenderer
System special folder path (includes My Documents, My Music, Program Files, Desktop, and more).
Public classStackTraceLayoutRenderer
Stack trace renderer.
Public classTempDirLayoutRenderer
A temporary directory.
Public classThreadIdLayoutRenderer
The identifier of the current thread.
Public classThreadNameLayoutRenderer
The name of the current thread.
Public classTicksLayoutRenderer
The Ticks value of current date and time.
Public classTimeLayoutRenderer
The time in a 24-hour, sortable format HH:mm:ss.mmm.
Public classTraceActivityIdLayoutRenderer
A renderer that puts into log a System.Diagnostics trace correlation id.
Public classVariableLayoutRenderer
Render a NLog variable (xml or config)
Public classWindowsIdentityLayoutRenderer
Thread Windows identity information (username).
Public enumerationGarbageCollectorProperty
Gets or sets the property of System.GC to retrieve.
Public enumerationProcessInfoProperty
Property of System.Diagnostics.Process to retrieve.
Public enumerationStackTraceFormat
Format of the ${stacktrace} layout renderer output.