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NLog.Config Namespace
Reading XML/API config
Public classAdvancedAttribute
Marks the class or a member as advanced. Advanced classes and members are hidden by default in generated documentation.
Public classAppDomainFixedOutputAttribute
Identifies that the output of layout or layout render does not change for the lifetime of the current appdomain.
Public classArrayParameterAttribute
Used to mark configurable parameters which are arrays. Specifies the mapping between XML elements and .NET types.
Public classConfigSectionHandler
NLog configuration section handler class for configuring NLog from App.config.
Public classConfigurationItemFactory
Provides registration information for named items (targets, layouts, layout renderers, etc.) managed by NLog.
Public classDefaultParameterAttribute
Attribute used to mark the default parameters for layout renderers.
Public classInstallationContext
Provides context for install/uninstall operations.
Public classLoggingConfiguration
Keeps logging configuration and provides simple API to modify it.
Public classLoggingConfigurationChangedEventArgs
Arguments for ConfigurationChanged events.
Public classLoggingConfigurationReloadedEventArgs
Arguments for ConfigurationReloaded.
Public classLoggingRule
Represents a logging rule. An equivalent of <logger /> configuration element.
Public classNameBaseAttribute
Attaches a simple name to an item (such as Target, LayoutRenderer, Layout, etc.).
Public classNLogConfigurationIgnorePropertyAttribute
Indicates NLog should not scan this property during configuration.
Public classNLogConfigurationItemAttribute
Marks the object as configuration item for NLog.
Public classRequiredParameterAttribute
Attribute used to mark the required parameters for targets, layout targets and filters.
Public classSimpleConfigurator
Provides simple programmatic configuration API used for trivial logging cases. Warning, these methods will overwrite the current config.
Public classThreadAgnosticAttribute
Marks the layout or layout renderer as producing correct results regardless of the thread it's running on.
Public classXmlLoggingConfiguration
A class for configuring NLog through an XML configuration file (App.config style or App.nlog style).
Public interfaceIInstallable
Implemented by objects which support installation and uninstallation.
Public interfaceINamedItemFactoryTInstanceType, TDefinitionType
Represents a factory of named items (such as targets, layouts, layout renderers, etc.).
Public delegateConfigurationItemCreator
Constructs a new instance the configuration item (target, layout, layout renderer, etc.) given its type.
Public enumerationExceptionRenderingFormat
Format of the excpetion output to the specific target.
Public enumerationStackTraceUsage
Value indicating how stack trace should be captured when processing the log event.