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WcfLogReceiverClientBaseTService Methods

The WcfLogReceiverClientBaseTService generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodAbort (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodBeginProcessLogMessages
Begins processing of log messages.
Public methodClose (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodCloseAsync
Closes the client asynchronously.
Public methodCloseAsync(Object)
Closes the client asynchronously.
Protected methodCreateChannel (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodDisplayInitializationUI
Instructs the inner channel to display a user interface if one is required to initialize the channel prior to using it.
(Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodEndProcessLogMessages
Ends asynchronous processing of log messages.
Protected methodGetDefaultValueForInitializationT (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Protected methodInvokeAsync (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodOpen (Inherited from ClientBaseTService.)
Public methodOpenAsync
Opens the client asynchronously.
Public methodOpenAsync(Object)
Opens the client asynchronously.
Public methodProcessLogMessagesAsync(NLogEvents)
Processes the log messages asynchronously.
Public methodProcessLogMessagesAsync(NLogEvents, Object)
Processes the log messages asynchronously.
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