NLog is Looking for Developers!

05 Aug 2015

This year the NLog project has grown a lot:

  • We have released more often (and NLog 4.1 is on its way)
  • We have redesigned and improved the website (
  • The process of giving support and handling issues has been improved
  • A lot of old issues are fixed/closed.
  • The website is fully up-to-date, the wiki has been expanded and old forums have been closed.
  • Twitter and Gitter have been set up.

However, we want to grow even more. We’d like to:

  • Release even more often
  • Fix more bugs
  • Add more features
  • Improve the support for other platforms like Mono, PCL, Xamarin
  • Improve the automatic release management
  • Measure, and improve, the code coverage of the unit tests.

Currently the NLog team consists of two people. If we want to develop NLog further, we need more horsepower! And so we are looking for developers!

If you are interested in contributing to one of the most popular .Net libraries –we are ranked in the top 100 of NuGet, and when excluding the non-.Net and Microsoft packages, we rank in the top 10.– then get in touch with us on Gitter or Github :)

Get in touch with us on Gitter or Github :)