NLog 4.0.1 has been released.

18 Jun 2015

We just released a patch release for 4.0. This release fixes the following problems:

  • The auto-load of the extensions was not working in combination with ASP.NET.
  • Autoflush was not optimal implemented.
  • We reverted an unneeded breaking change in MailTarget. The SMTP property is not required anymore. This is consistent with 3.x.
  • Loading the NLog assembly from an embedded resource is now working.
  • Writing to files could lead to OverflowExceptions in 64-bit runtime. This was a bug since NLog 2.0.
  • Some descriptions for the obsolete methods are corrected.

Thanks for reporting those issues and creating Pull Requests! Without your help we could not release of 4.0.1 on short time.

PS: details of the fixed issues can be found on the GitHub 4.0.1 milestone.