NLog 4.0 - Roadmap and release date

27 Mar 2015

With the upcoming release of 4.0, we’re doing some things differently: we are time-boxing the release and so the release date is now already known: June 2nd, 2015, a year after the release of 3.0!

Issues for 4.0 are now prioritized with the MoSCoW method. In short this means:

  • We will label the issues with Must have, Should have, Could have and Wont have this time around
  • The release will be postponed if not all must haves are implemented.
  • We will release even if not all should haves are implemented.
  • Could haves would be nice, but only if we have enough time, according to the planned release date.

The roadmap of 4.0:

Please note that “pull requests” (PR’s), if accepted a week before release, are also released with 4.0!

I would also like to emphasize that NLog is a fully open source project. So also the roadmap and internal discussions are open. If you’re interested in the NLog process and discussions, just look at the discussions at the Github issues list