NLog 2.1 has been released

09 Oct 2013

After a long wait NLog 2.1 has finally been released. Bugs have been fixed and a lot of improvements and new features has been added.

Better support for Partial Trust

FileTarget now uses the managed implementation as a fallback if running under Partial Trust, as calls to unmanaged code is not allowed in Partial Trust. Also assemblies has been marked with the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute to allow NLog to be called from assemblies running under Partial Trust.

Pluggable time sources

Thanks to Robert Vazan NLog now has pluggable time sources, which allows you to control timestamp precision. He has written two excellent blog posts about this feature, see How to configure NLog time source and How to write custom NLog time source.

You can control the timestamp precision in the configuration file like this:

    <time type='AccurateLocal' />

Date Based File Archiving

Historically NLog hasn’t been very good at archiving files base on date, but thanks to mkaltner this have changed.

He has introduced a archive numbering mode for dates, and a new setting on the file target to set the date format in the log file. These changes allow you to control how logs are archived based on date. The date based file archiving could be configued like this:

<target xsi:type="File"

AppSettings layout renderer

Thanks to Mario Pareja a new layout renderer has been taken implemented in NLog. The new layout renderer inserts content based on the application configuration. The renderer can be used in any layout like this, where name is the configuration key:

<target xsi:type="File"

Easier way to disable logger rules

To disable logger rules in earlier versions of NLog you would have to either remove or comment out the rule, but sometimes you would like an easiere way to do this. In this version of NLog a new attribute has been added:

<logger enabled="false"

Other changes

Of course other changes have made it in to this release, see the full change log at Github