Moving NLog Forward

23 Jul 2012

Dear NLog Community,

It’s been almost exactly a year since NLog 2.0 was released. Since v1.0 release in 2006 NLog has been very popular among .NET developers, but as you may have noticed, the development has stagnated a bit after 2.0 release.

In the last 6 months or so I found myself having less and less free time to spend on coding in general, and developing NLog in particular. The fact that my day job now involves programming in Java and not .NET does not really help.

NLog clearly needs your help to remain the coolest logging library for .NET: I’m looking for a passionate person, a group of people or a company, who could gradually take over the responsibility of running NLog project and moving it forward.

It involves planning, managing automated builds, releases, bugs, forums, wiki, running website, NuGet, tools, integrating community contributions, etc. The reward is huge: thousands of satisfied developers, who have downloaded NLog 2.0 about 100.000 times in the last year alone!

Please contact me if you’re interested in owning part of NLog’s future in the Forum.