NLog 2.0 documentation is available on the wiki

05 Jun 2010

Documentation for NLog 2.0 is now available on the Wiki. It includes reference documents generated automatically from code as well as hand-written documents and tutorials, some of which have been migrated from WordPress pages to the Wiki format.

Documentation for targets, layouts, layout renderers and filters has been enhanced to include usage examples which you can paste into your configuration code. Because of the new format, it is possible to enhance reference documents with user-created content, such as code or configuration samples. See documentation for the File target for an example.

Note that it is not possible to edit certain parts of automatically generated pages. Things like parameter list, supported platforms and usage example do not show up in Wiki source. Instead you will see a special tag which looks like: >generatedDoc id='File_target' hash='db5419b5ab45ec8defc51cb5dabeaaf4′ /<, and causes generated doc to be inserted. The tags and contents are automatically updated whenever I re-upload documentation.

Now that every piece of documentation is in Wiki format, I’m looking for volunteers to help maintain and enhance it, so if you like technical writing and want to own part of the documentation, please let me know.

Please report any issues you find with the Wiki as comments here, or (even better), register for an account and fix those issues yourself.