NLog Wiki launched

29 Mar 2010

NLog has a new wiki site available at

The goal is to build a repository of user-driven content around NLog including:

  • FAQs
  • Tutorials/HOWTOs
  • Configuration file examples/code snippets
  • List of references (commercial and open-source projects using NLog)
  • List of tools and extensions supporting NLog

I’ve migrated some (still very little) content from the main site to the wiki, more is on the way, but in order for this effort to be successful, I need lots of help from the NLog community. Please help grow the Wiki by adding new articles and expanding existing ones.

One of the areas I would really appreciate your help most is building the list of references on Who_is_using_NLog page. A number of commercial and open source projects are using NLog today, but there is no single place to find those references. If you are using NLog in a project and would like to tell the world about it, please add this information about your project or product to the wiki (make sure to get permission to use your company name and logo first).

NLog Wiki is accessible to everyone, registration is very simple and there is no moderation yet - please help it stay like that.

All wiki content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The site is powered by MediaWiki.