NLog.Extended, NLog.Web and NLog.Windows.Forms

13 Jun 2015

With the release of NLog 4.0 we have split the package NLog.Extended to NLog.Web and NLog.Windows.Forms. This will give us the opportunity to clean up the references in NLog.Extended. There are also some targets and layout renderers still in NLog.Extended, we will also create new packages for those in the future.

For now this this will results in:

  • NLog.Web package contains the targets and layout-renderes specific to ASP.Net and IIS. Version 2.0 is compatible with NLog 4.0
  • NLog.Windows.Forms package contains targets specific for Windows.Forms. Version 2.0 is compatible with NLog 4.0
  • All other are in NLog.Extended package - This is for currently only the MSMQ target and ${appsetting} layout renderer. Version 4.0 is compatible with NLog 4.0
  • Please note: the classic ASP (so non-ASP.Net) are still in the NLog package

This wasn’t communicated in the initial NLog 4.0 release post - which could lead to upgrade issues - we are sorry for that.

Wiki updated

The wiki has been updated to make more clear which Targets and which Layout Renderers are in each package.

Source code and issues

The new extension packages, NLog.Web and NLog.Windows.Forms have their own GitHub reposities. Please post questions, feature requests or bug reports to the related repository.

Auto load

Because we introduced auto load of extentions in NLog 4.0 (see news post), there is no need for additional configuration. Just install NLog.Web, NLog.Windows.Forms and/or NLog.Extended with Nuget.